Jelena Narbute

I am a self taught  artist from Riga, Latvia and I have been painting since a young age.
Trying to choose a technique that is closer to me, I experiment with acrylics, watercolors, pencils, pastels.
I love to see how the use of different materials allows the painting to change throughout the day, depending on the light, time of day and location. In my paintings, I reflect moments of events close to me, memories, emotions, everything that happens around me. Thoughts through artistic images, play of colors and textures. I am very inspired by people, their characters, stories and inner state. Resonating with a person, the canvas reflects a whole range of sensations and emotions. Immersion in creativity for me is a conversation with myself, a revelation, as well as an appeal to society. Each painting has its own story, but I would like each viewer to see something personal in it, some kind of echo in his soul. Painting for me is brilliant meditation  and express my emotions,  state of mind and needs of constant change and freedom. My way is knowledge and perception through working out details and observing the process of creating art.